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9, 8, 7, 6

It all begins with a line. What is what is up or down without the grounding of charcoal center front? Dusty chalk flickers off as the pencil scratches against the blade of straight weight. Eyes sharp you mark an oval top, center of the line. Continue with the mimicking measure of your hands, top of the head to hips, make a notch. The identical increment, hips to ankles, make a notch. One must frame white landscape, holding space where lead will place. With time, memory of where what is placed within empty space withstands. Until then only repetition exists. When memory coheres, that is of the unknown. Time is invented as part of a work of fiction.

The croquis to what we are schooling is French for “quick sketch”. While a traditional croquis in fine arts is “8 heads” in height, the fashion croquis is “9 heads” to appear exaggerated representing a tall, slender model. The fashion illustration tools accessible to the mainstream only represent a 9 headed croquis. The nature of these illustration tools fits in the constructs of elitist and idealist fashion. Social construct informs our perceptions, opinions and sense of self as actuality when a “state of being” is a mental place within the intangible unless grounded through mind expanding influence. Roland Breeur, educator and philosopher, in the journal of Consciousness and The Self  expresses “I do not undergo the self in a kind of passivity that would guide my concrete decisions; I actively bring it about”(415). Breeur is indicating the self is not passive but activated by a mental switch in the sense of appearing. One cannot solely grow their self esteem unconsciously. All growth requires effort, as does any conscious task. The desire to build mindfulness is a practiced exercise mediated through this fashion illustration platform.

What you will need: 

  1. Paper (A3)
  2. Pencil (HB)
  3. Ruler


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